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Baptism baby portrait

My son was baptized today. After the sacrament, we headed to a nearby park and celebrated. My friend Athena was there with her camera and took some great photos. … [Read More...]

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Lightning Above White Salmon, Washington…

I should have paid attention to the weather report. A "severe thunderstorm" warning was issued by NOAA and I missed half of it before I saw the first bolt of lightning. The show progressed well into … [Read More...]

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Rockhounding Thunder Eggs at…

My five-year-old daughter has been very interested in rocks, crystals, and minerals lately, an offshoot of her intense interest in faeries and the natural realm over which they preside. At her … [Read More...]

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Traxxas Summit FPV: Getting Started…

I have always been interested in remotely piloted vehicles and the radio-control (RC) hobby, though it was only recently that I started actually participating in it. Ever since my childhood, I had … [Read More...]

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