Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This was our first Thanksgiving at home and we cooked a feast!

Ready to eat!

Fried Trout Dinner

The three trout we caught the other day made a delicious dinner. I fried the fish in sesame oil and butter with onions, tomato, mushrooms, black olives and bacon sausages. I finished the mix with a dusting of paprika and voilà.

Trout Dinner

Delicious Oven Baked Halibut

About a year ago I discovered that I enjoy cooking and I have since taken over the role of cooking for my family. Instead of following recipes, I just experiment until I find a good taste combination and go with it. LRH recently suggested that I blog some of my recipes, so here is my first try: a tin-foil halibut bake. (if you can stand the price of halibut, that is).

Cooking Halibut Start off with a sheet of tin foil and cover with a thin layer of butter or cooking spray. Chop some spinach and place a bed of it on the foil (you can drizzle some flavored olive oil on the spinach). Lay the filet down on top of the spinach and surround with shrimp. Then cover with a marinade. You can use something pre-made (like the packets at the Safeway meat counter) or make something out of olive oil, spices, etc. This time I used lemon garlic sauce.
Cooking Halibut Add a chopped green onion and a chopped shallot to the filet.
Cooking Halibut Now for mushrooms and black olives. Cremini or oyster mushrooms work well.
Cooking Halibut Add some chopped tomatoes and then cover with your favorite spices. I used paprika and a small amount of cayenne pepper.
Cooking Halibut Wrap up the tin foil and bake in the oven for about 20-25 min at 350-400 deg F. Enjoy.

Adventures in Mexican Food

So, I was adventurous and tried a new dish at our local Mexican restaurant. It was called a Mojarra Frita and was described as a fish recipe garnished with lettuce, tomato and pico de gallo. Sounds delicious, right? Well, maybe not…

Before the waitress could put the dish down on the table, Siena start exclaiming “fish, fish, fish!”. Yep, she recognized that her Daddy had, in fact, ordered a fish (quite literally). At least it wasn’t a total loss: the rice and beans were good.

Mojarra frita

Delicious Dinner

I cooked an incredibly yummy pizza tonight. Simple to make: just a large, thin-crust Boboli. Topped with cream cheese, pesto, tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives, bell pepper slices and avocado slices. Just ten minutes of baking at 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 degrees Celsius) and add the tomatoes and avocados after it comes out of the oven. I’m going to try making it next with sun dried tomato pesto and maybe multi colored bell peppers.


Baileys Shiver

That is all I have to say…

Baileys Shiver