You Might Live In A Small Town If…

Top Ten Signs You Live in a Small Town:

10. You attend a real-live ribbon cutting ceremony (complete with giant scissors for the mayor) your first week in town, and end up with your picture in the town paper.

9. Your newborn baby’s doctor walked across the street from his office to the hospital in order to check on her the day after she was born, and you are pretty sure your OB walked across the other street to get there from her office when she heard you were in labor.

8. The lady in line behind your husband at the grocery store hears him mention the name of his three-day old baby, and says, “I know Siena! I delivered flowers for her this morning!”

7. You have started to feel guilty each time you drive by the hospital because the labor and delivery nurses asked you to bring your baby back in a couple months so they can see if her eye and  hair color have changed.

6. Your cashier coos at your daughter and says she’s just the cutest baby he’s seen all week. While you know he’s of course telling the absolute truth, you also know he’s probably seen about ten babies all week.

5. You’re next in line to buy groceries. Somebody gets in line behind you, and the checker immediately starts calling for any available personnel to open an additional station. You know, because the line was too long.

4. Every time you tell somebody which street you live on, they invariably ask if you’ve met so-and-so at the end of your street or say they just had dinner with what’s-his-name one street over. Every. Single. Time.

3. Even though the elections are over, you still refer to one particular house as The McCain House because theirs was the only lawn sign in town that didn’t support Obama.

2. You arrive at the DMV twenty minutes before they close and walk right up to the counter without even taking a number.

1. You get a new license plate at said DMV, a week after your husband picked up his, and you have the same three letters!

Optical Illusion

This optical illusion has been sitting idle on my hard drive for months so I’m very happy that I can finally share it with you. Take a look at the squares labeled A and B. Are they the same shade of grey or different? The answer might be obvious.

Color perception in an optical illusion

Want to check your guess? The solution is here.