This blog is broken :(

I’ve been working on a migration from B2evo to WordPress and all of the posts and comments have been moved but the theme still needs some work. Yesterday I started to develop a sinus infection and today I’ve felt like @#$% so I won’t be spending any time trying to fix the blog until I start feeling better. The sidebar is currently located at the very bottom of the page due to a CSS error.

Website Traffic

So I was checking my webalizer today and marveling at who has been looking at my website and what they were searching for to find it in the first place. Sure my site gets hit regularly by friends & family, coworkers from Apple and Intel, a friendly ex, an emotionally unstable psycho ex, and a host of other people from my past who I’ve lost touch with and wish I hadn’t. The more exotic hits are really what amaze me though. I actually have web traffic from Iran! I mean.. WTH? Are the mullahs, imams and mujahedeen trying to make sure my conservative rants are not offensive to Allah? Besides that strange visit, I also have browsers from every European country, South Korea, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus (probably my old roommate Socrates) and Japan (probably my buddy Ben). So far over 100k hits and counting. Pretty cool for a small site that I don’t update that much!

Here are some of the phrases that random people are searching for when they found my site:

1 4 19.05% closet
2 2 9.52% statement of purpose for master in system on chip
3 2 9.52% when are baby shubunkin fish born
4 1 4.76% computer my experience software statement sop
5 1 4.76% firmware engineer earn
6 1 4.76% hawk in the winter
7 1 4.76% hawk in winter
8 1 4.76% hawk winter
9 1 4.76% japanese koi pond photos
10 1 4.76% japanese maple waterfall photo
11 1 4.76% large koi pond photos
12 1 4.76% peela how to access plesk
13 1 4.76% scott hauk computer
14 1 4.76% statement of purpose for electrical engineering and shipping
15 1 4.76% the hawk of winter
16 1 4.76% what is recoaro italy like in the winter

1 3 15.79% titan missile silos in washington state
2 1 5.26% celtic redheads
3 1 5.26% computer automation statement of purpose
4 1 5.26% cryosleep music
5 1 5.26% gazebo pond backyard
6 1 5.26% hawk winter
7 1 5.26% japanese garden cal poly wedding
8 1 5.26% japanese tea houses structure patio
9 1 5.26% japanese weeping cedar photos
10 1 5.26% ken egaro
11 1 5.26% koi lantern
12 1 5.26% old pond landscape
13 1 5.26% redesigning a concrete patio
14 1 5.26% statement of purpose graduate nano
15 1 5.26% terracrawler
16 1 5.26% the morros near san luis obispo
17 1 5.26% winter hawk

1 2 22.22% closet
2 1 11.11% brick planter as koi pond
3 1 11.11% guadalupe cantua
4 1 11.11% how to build a pond venturi
5 1 11.11% landscaping pictures path patio
6 1 11.11% montalban manor
7 1 11.11% picture of mondo grass as ground cover in stepping stones
8 1 11.11% winter hawk

1 1 33.33% bishop peak san luis obispo ca
2 1 33.33% koi in winter
3 1 33.33% koi ponds with gazebos pictures

Crazy! Huh? Especially closet??? huh?

Website Down

So I let my domain registration expire… Didn’t mean to. It just… happened. Perhaps it was because I had to move and was distracted by relocating to another state. While that makes a great excuse – its still an excuse… I was just lazy and should have renewed months ago. I recently re-registered my domain with Yahoo but they don’t accept domain transfers! This means that I can only re-delegate from my French registrar,

To summarize the above paragraph: My website and my email addresses associated with that website will be unreachable until I can find out how to fix them and bring everything back online.

Probably not going to happen any time soon considering I’ve been super busy and spend 99.9% of my free time with my GF. I’ll be stuck in the lab until late tonight, trying to decipher logic analyzer traces. Yes, I’m using a logic analyzer to probe 18-30 seconds worth of asynchronous serial data! That basically means I’ll be reconstructing data words by hand…. fun fun :)