Flower Photography at the Hood River Lavender Daze Festival

My daughter holding up her bag of ladybugs. Most of them had been released by this point.I learned about this festival just today, though my wife had been planning on attending for some time. Initially, I hesitated to join them in favor of cleaning my garage, but she told me one of the vendors had exotic birds so I grabbed my camera and hopped in the car. Upon arrival, I realized this place is a photographer’s paradise. The flower fields were in full bloom and the day was warm, clear and bright. While my daughter had fun releasing ladybugs and sipping a smoothie, I was in the flower fields, dodging busy bees and shooting everything in sight. After my camera card filled up, I was able to browse some of the vendors and ended up buying a Moroccan sandstone geode at The 3rd Rock’s booth. The festival was well attended and featured live music and great food courtesy of Solstice Pizza.

My wife caught an iPhone video of our daughter releasing ladybugs. The strange thing is that she’s been terrified of bugs lately. I guess ladybugs don’t count!


  1. Thank you for coming out to visit us at our Lavender DAZE Festival. All your photo are AMAZING. And the video of your daughter with Lady Bugs is Precious!! Thanks for sharing in our celebration of lavender. Best to you and your lovely family!
    ~ Diane Orcutt

    • Hi Diane. Thanks for hosting the festival. We had a great time and we’ll be returning next year. My daughter will be looking forward to it – especially releasing ladybugs again!

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