Siena Has Arrived!

Holding a new babySiena Francesca Bettale was born Tuesday at 9:12 PM. She was 8 pounds 1 ounce and 20 inches long. T went into labor in the afternoon on Monday and we went to the hospital Tuesday morning. She labored in a tub initially which helped tremendously. I was able to help by massaging her back during the contractions. She later requested an epidural and was fortunate to receive 100% pain relief from it. Apparently this is not common. While T recovered from the birth, I was able to help with bathing, weighing and measuring our newborn. Our stay at the hospital was incredibly positive. We just arrived home from our 3-day experience and I’m going to post a few pictures here before I try to sleep. We are both exhausted but so happy. More soon.

Oh, and Siena is spelled and pronounced like the Italian city: “see-en-uh”


  1. My Dear Ones. Finally, I got to see my Grand Neice! She is absolutely beautiful. It’s hard to hold
    my excitement in meeting her. My prayers are continuous in thanking Our Lord for his gifts to both our family’s. We’ve needed a child for so long, because of the innocent joy we will have to mentor us. My tears are joy.

  2. Wow…she is so beautiful! You two do good work and can’t wait for the other 12 to come along. LOL God is so gracious and wonderful, you will see Him in your baby’s eyes even as she grows. Blessings to you three! I can’t wait to see her! Oh yeah.. and you both too! ;)

  3. Hello to you both and congrats,

    I just saw that beautiful angel and can’t stop looking at her. She is truly a glorious gift from God and you were blessed with a darling little angel and may you have many many more. I wish you the best in the years to come.

    Love, hugs and kisses,

  4. Oh, she is soooo cute. I can see Theresa. You two can call Meredith & Josh for new parent advice (like how to sleep in shifts or with baby on chest). We are all so happy for you!
    Please post more pictures.

  5. Congrats on the arrival of your beautiful baby girl. She is soo cute. Remember to take time and breath but enjoy every moment.

  6. SHES HERE!!! YAY!!!!!!

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