Siena’s First Bath

Here are some pictures of Siena’s first tub bath from early November. Her umbilical cord stump fell off on her third day home, so we just skipped the sponge bath stage. Most of the time now we just fill the baby bath tub, but sometimes we take a bath together like we did for this fist bath.

Siena's First Bath


  1. She looked so upset when she first got out of the tub! Much better by the end though.

  2. These are so embarrassing! I’m naked! You’re the worst parents ever.

  3. So precious! Look how bright her eyes are! Siena, you are too beautiful to be embarrassed…even when you’re grown I don’t think you’ll be too embarrassed…you can see the love in your mama’s hands the way she’s cradling your head just so! Sweet!

  4. that is one good looking newborn! (*not always the case you know) Congrats to you both!

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