Lonely Weekend

My beautiful wife is scrap booking with her sister this weekend in Oregon. So I’m here all alone :( So what do I do?…. Order Quiznos and watch zombie flicks! I highly recommend 28 Weeks Later.

Well… that’s just today (Friday). Tomorrow I’ll be knee deep in firmware as I try to design a working RF protocol for our transceiver board.

LOL. Take care everyone.

Road Trip

It has been quite a while since my last post. The end of the quarter and wedding planning has taken all of my time. Theresa and I attended her cousin’s wedding in Ashland, spent some time at the Shakespeare festival and decided to continue on down to The People’s Liberal Socialist Republic of Democratistan (formally known as California). Our friends here planned a shower for Theresa and she plans to visit some family in the bay area as well. I’ll try to write more as soon as time allows.


Its been a while since I’ve posted a blog. Been incredibly busy. Classes, research, time with t, etc. = no time for blogs.

Wedding planning is ongoing and we are making great progress. We have a church, reception hall, caterer, bartender, DJ, bridesmaid dresses and a full wedding party. There is still so much to do before the big day but its an enjoyable challenge. T and I attended a bridal show in Seattle and that gave us plenty of ideas. The sheer number of possibilities is perplexing but since we are sticking to a traditional ceremony and reception that helps us stay focused.

Valentines day was wonderful. Theresa gave me a beautiful Jasmine wreath which I need to replant soon. We also attended a play at the 5th Ave Theatre last week, thanks to T’s aunts. The Buddy Holly Story. I enjoyed it and was impressed with the production. It deviated from the standard theatre formula and did an excellent job at immersing the audience in a late 50s rock concert. We have season tickets to the theatre and have seen 5 shows since I moved up here, with two more on the way for this year. So far we’ve seen Les Miserables, Bombay Dreams, Company, White Christmas and the Buddy Holly Story. Coming up in a few months is Camelot, followed by Edward Scissorhands.

Here we are dressed up in proper theatre attire on my deck overlooking Seattle. The leather jackets are necessary to piss off any Seattle liberals we pass by.

Headed to Seattle for a play at the Fifth Avenue Theater

UW is going well and I’ve been working in the nonlinear dynamics lab, along with taking classes. My research focus is currently control theory along with some embedded software. My plan is to take as many embedded systems and software courses I can while still completing the requirements for my masters. I’m hoping to have the necessary background to develop embedded control systems when I finish next year and that will require a solid software background.

I finished Anne Coulter’s Godless. All I can say is that she is as brilliant as she is beautiful (even if she isn’t a redhead). I’ll post my thoughts in another blog. For now let me add it to my recommended reading list.

I hope you are all well and I’m looking forward to having some of you up here in Seattle in August!

Website Down

So I let my domain registration expire… Didn’t mean to. It just… happened. Perhaps it was because I had to move and was distracted by relocating to another state. While that makes a great excuse – its still an excuse… I was just lazy and should have renewed months ago. I recently re-registered my domain with Yahoo but they don’t accept domain transfers! This means that I can only re-delegate from my French registrar, gandi.net.

To summarize the above paragraph: My website and my email addresses associated with that website will be unreachable until I can find out how to fix them and bring everything back online.

Probably not going to happen any time soon considering I’ve been super busy and spend 99.9% of my free time with my GF. I’ll be stuck in the lab until late tonight, trying to decipher logic analyzer traces. Yes, I’m using a logic analyzer to probe 18-30 seconds worth of asynchronous serial data! That basically means I’ll be reconstructing data words by hand…. fun fun :)