I’ve been seduced by the dark side and installed an unholy computer virus on my brand new Macbook Pro. This virus is commonly called Microsoft Windows Vista. Yes I did it… I installed Windows on my Mac.


In quiet contemplation…

…let us now mourn the death of my cell phone

My LG VX6000 finally died the other day. Its been a good phone and lasted longer then my contract with Verizon. The timing was perfect since I recently switched to Cingular and picked up a SLVR. CDMA coverage sucks in Washington and the international compatibility of GSM makes Cingular very appealing. Oh yeah, and I HaXx0R3d my phone on the first day!

Besides that news, Im flying up to WA again tomorrow to look for apartments. Last time T flew down to Cali, Southwest lost her bag and it was a direct flight. I tracked the bag and found out it went to Houston instead and was later routed to Chicago. She finally got her bag back after it was sent to San Jose. (This several days after she returned home to Washington). So Im hoping the same wont happen to me since I’m also flying Southwest. Budget airlines for the win. Hopefully they pay their engine maintenance technicians more than their baggage handlers!

Apple Remote and Front Row

One of the projects I worked on at Apple has finally been announced so I can talk about it openly. I think this is the most significant project that I worked on since I wrote all of the firmware and worked on the circuit board. Apple will be making millions of these and shipping them all over the world. Its called the ‘Apple Remote’ and you can see it here

An Apple Remote will ship with each iMac and can be magnetically attached to iMac when not in use (check out the picture on the bottom). It has a very simple design with only 6 buttons but only 6 buttons are necessary since the UI is designed so well. In fact Steve Jobs compared it to a 40+ button Microsoft remote and pointed out that it exemplified the Apple design philosophy of simplicity without sacrificing function.

If you have time, I highly recommend you view the keynote where Steve Jobs introduced the new iMac and Apple Remote. He starts off by introducing 3 new features and the remote is covered in feature ..3 so you can skip ahead to that part if you don’t care about the rest of the iMac. You can download the keynote here:

The keynote also introduces the new white ipod which supports photos, album art, and video (like music videos, home movies, etc) so its definitely worth a look.

New iPod Nano!!

New iPod + iTunes!!! check it out at