Welcome Home

Today I heard from my cousin that he is back in the States after serving a tour in Afghanistan. This is great news – and coincidentally, its Veterans Day!

Siena’s First Christmas

Siena had a memorable first Christmas! At least, it will be memorable for us. We spent our first married Christmas with HiW’s family last year, so this year it was my family’s turn. This was HiW’s first experience of my family’s Christmas traditions.

My mom called us a few days before we’d planned to drive into town, worried we wouldn’t make it if we tried to come after that night’s snowstorm.  So we packed in a hurry and hit the icy highway before it got worse. The rest of our story is in the captions of the following pictures.

Our Christmas was fantastic, and we hope yours was as well!

Seven Out of Eight Ain’t Bad!

Siena met seven of her eight grandparents in the first five weeks of her life!

She met her Grandma Betty and Grandpa George at the hospital the night she was born.

Five days later her great grandparents, Nona and Papa, came to the house to meet her.

At three weeks old, her Pappy and Grandma Tootsie drove up from California for Siena’s baptism.

Two weeks after that, we three flew to California for Uncle Pat’s funeral. Siena never got to meet her Godfather Pat, but did get to meet her Great Grandma Gee Bee who was unable to make the drive for the baptism.

Now we just need to visit her Great Grandma Connor in Montana, and she’ll have met all eight!