Tired of Jumping

Jumping up and down can be exhausting I guess…

Sleeping in jumper

Daddy’s little disease vector is getting over a bad cold: a cold she gave to me,  her babysitter, her babysitter’s husband and their son.  So far LRH is unaffected by our precious little bio-hazard. Sigh :/

Happy New Year!

I had a great New Year’s Eve, but poor Hawk in Winter spent most of it in bed with a sinus infection. My friend Michelle was staying with us, and we invited our friends Matt, Jillian, and Baby London over for a game night. Siena’s onesie was a gift from Michelle and her mom. The babies didn’t make it to midnight, but Hawk in Winter joined us for desserts and limoncello toasts as we watched the countdown. It was a peaceful, fun-filled evening full of laughter and good friends. Here’s hoping it was indicative of the year ahead!

This blog is broken :(

I’ve been working on a migration from B2evo to WordPress and all of the posts and comments have been moved but the theme still needs some work. Yesterday I started to develop a sinus infection and today I’ve felt like @#$% so I won’t be spending any time trying to fix the blog until I start feeling better. The sidebar is currently located at the very bottom of the page due to a CSS error.