Our Trip to the Olympic Peninsula

Dosewallips RiverMy wife and I have been exploring the Pacific Northwest since the day we started dating. We’ve seen much of Washington and Oregon and will probably drive to Idaho and Montana this summer. This particular weekend, we spontaneously decided to explore the Olympic Peninsula and venture into the Olympic National Forest in an effort to photograph some of regions immense beauty. My friend Adam suggested we also spend some time in Port Townsend, a little artsy community on the northeastern tip of the peninsula. I spent Friday planning the trip with Google Maps and the Washington State Parks and Olympic National Forest homepages. We also bought a pair of coolers, important gear missing from our camping supplies. I grabbed my old boy scout dome tent, packed the jeep and headed west. [Read more…]

Engagement Weekend + Photos

Leavenworth sunsetAs promised I’m now going to share some photos from the weekend Theresa and I promised to spend the rest of our lives together. I had planned a romantic weekend in Leavenworth for some time before we went, but a nasty windstorm threatened to derail my plans. This storm left Seattle and the entire Puget Sound region without power for up to seven days. The island was also hit hard, leaving homes without power for four days, including my own. To further complicate matters, I had to finish grading my students’ final lab report the day the storm hit. I ended up taking Theresa with me to UW so I could finish it in the computer lab there. UW was unaffected by the storm – at least until I arrived. Soon after I started work the EE servers went down and Theresa and I were left wondering if we’d make it to Leavenworth that weekend at all. [Read more…]

Snowshoeing at Snoqualmie Pass

So I’m in Washington again and this time I went back to Snoqualmie Falls and the Snoqualmie pass for a snowshoeing excursion. Now that I can cross snowshoeing off my list of things to do, I have to recommend it to all of you! Talk about fun – I’m definitely going back when I move up here next month. Snow might be melted by then but next year is just around the corner. Snowshoe rentals are not super-expensive, costing only $17 for the day. The State of Washington creates ‘sno-parks’ which are nothing more then parking lots plowed out of the snow cover and maintained for the duration of the winter. You have to pay a $10.00 fee to access these parks but they offer a pristine snow scape, ripe for the exploring. [Read more…]