Negotiating with a Very Intelligent Toddler

Siena was being stubborn this morning and resisting a change of clothes. LRH wasn’t making any progress, so I tried a bribe thinking it would make her comply immediately.

Me: “Siena, if you let me change your clothes, I’ll give you a piece of yummy beef jerky.”
Siena: “No daddy, I candy”

Needless to say, my bribe quickly turned into a negotiation. This kid never ceases to amaze me.

Catherine Creek Photography

A day at Catherine CreekI had another adventurous weekend, starting with my flight to Goldendale Saturday morning. I was at the airfield by 10AM for preflight and departed by 10:45 with the intention of beating the gusty winds that were forecast for the afternoon. I made it out to Goldendale and was busy practicing some ground reference maneuvers when the Gorge winds finally started to kick up. The flight home was bumpy, to say the least, and it culminated in my first solo crosswind landing with 16 knot gusts.

A day at Catherine CreekSunday, LRH and I decided to take our little Fuss Nugget to Catherine Creek since the wildflowers are in full bloom. This is a incredible place for photography and portraits. The park itself is set on a plateau overlooking the Columbia River with a paved trail that forms a one mile loop. Siena had a blast with the wildflowers and foot bridges. She would excitedly proclaim “weeee!” whenever an airplane flew by, which happened several times since the Columbia River is a highway for air traffic. In fact, I had flown over this park the day before.

We arrived just a few hours before sunset, so the light was soft and filtered. Here are a few landscape shots I came up with.

Siena Loves Her Books

Siena took out all her books, placed them in a pile and spent over a half hour reading them. Apparently I did this all the time when I was a kid.