What a difference a year makes!

St. Valentine’s Day 2008:
St. Valentine’s Day 2009:
Happy Siena
So how did I spend my first second St. Valentine’s Day? (first one on the outside, of course)

  • I went with Momma on a sticky note treasure hunt from Daddy.  My favorite clue was on the bathroom mirror (I LOVE mirrors) and it said, “Close the door” so she did, and found her Valentine on the shelf behind the door. I like it when Momma laughs – so I smiled big when Daddy made her laugh about the Snicker’s bar. He said he knows men are supposed to buy roses and chocolates, but that chocolates in heart shaped boxes just don’t taste as good as Snickers. I’m not sure what that all means, but I sure thought it was funny. (Mama says I’ll probably learn to laugh any day now.)
  • I watched from my swing as Momma got out her lights and umbrellas for a photo shoot of her FLOWERS! I thought photo shoots were just for pictures of me? I felt a bit better when Daddy explained that he asked the florist to put the pink rose in there to represent me. The red roses were to represent their love, and I’m the pink rose growing out of their love. They let me smell the roses and feel the soft pussy willows.
  • I stayed with Daddy while Momma enjoyed a grocery shopping trip without me. You should have seen her face when she walked in and found Daddy feeding me a bottle. (I hate those things – they taste and feel all wrong, but somehow they do deliver the goods so I put up with one every couple weeks or so.)  She said we looked so sweet.
  • I watched from my Jumperoo as Momma prepared a heart-shaped pizza and chocolate fondue. I was asleep when they had their romantic evening, but I think I had chocolate milk for breakfast the next morning so Momma must have really enjoyed that fondue.

So many new things to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch…Yup, St. Valentine’s Day is definitely more interesting on the outside of Momma’s tummy!

These pictures aren’t great, but they do show off three of my latest tricks.
1) I can suck on my lower lip and make an “mmmmmm” sound.
2) I hang out with my hands open more and more.
3) I discovered an ear on the right side of my head! How long has that been there?

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St. Valentines Day

I love my beautiful wife :) She showed up at work unannounced on Friday bringing my little fuss nugget, a chai latte from Starbuck’s and a heart shaped brownie. She also left a message on my computer. This absolutely made my day.

Note and Starbucks

I’m Going to be a Daddy!

First ultrasound photoWe found out on Valentines Day but we decided to wait a few weeks to tell you. My beautiful redhead is pregnant. Yes, we are going to find out its gender but we have to wait until week 20 for that. Right now its week 11. I’ll attach the week 8 ultrasound to this blog. It was so moving to see the baby on the screen and hear its heartbeat. Even at week 8, the baby is the size of a peanut yet its heartbeat is strong. [Read more…]