Tomorrow I move to Washington…

…and so begins a brand new chapter in my life.

In quiet contemplation…

…let us now mourn the death of my cell phone

My LG VX6000 finally died the other day. Its been a good phone and lasted longer then my contract with Verizon. The timing was perfect since I recently switched to Cingular and picked up a SLVR. CDMA coverage sucks in Washington and the international compatibility of GSM makes Cingular very appealing. Oh yeah, and I HaXx0R3d my phone on the first day!

Besides that news, Im flying up to WA again tomorrow to look for apartments. Last time T flew down to Cali, Southwest lost her bag and it was a direct flight. I tracked the bag and found out it went to Houston instead and was later routed to Chicago. She finally got her bag back after it was sent to San Jose. (This several days after she returned home to Washington). So Im hoping the same wont happen to me since I’m also flying Southwest. Budget airlines for the win. Hopefully they pay their engine maintenance technicians more than their baggage handlers!

Stuck in Seattle

Not that I’m complaining or anything….. Well actually I am. As much as I want to move here ASAP, I don’t want to spend my time here stuck in an airport, drinking fountain soda and eating gourmet fast food while blogging.

So usually it rains here in Seattle, right!??! Well, right now its raining in SF! So bad, in fact, that our flight has been indefinitely delayed. We have to wait for hourly updates about our departure status – by the time this airplane finally takes off, I would have already been home for a few hours.

At least the weekend was incredibly good! I mean… :D (thats a big smile) and I’ll update you in a few days. For now I’m just going to sip my fountain-dispensed lemonade, and add my voice to the choir of discontent that defines the atmosphere at SeaTac Airport Gate D4.

Off to Seattle….. again

Quick update: Going back to Seattle but this time I’m flying and the University of Washington is paying for my plane ticket. w00t. Going to spend time talking to professors about their research and hopefully land an assistantship in the process. I’ll be gone for a week and I’m not taking my camera /cry. WoW client patch 1.10 came out today too and I’m leaving tomorrow. Damn.

So I heard back from Penn State and got accepted there too. That brings my acceptances to 4 (University at Buffalo: CSE & EE, University of Washington, Penn State), rejections to 1 (Oregon State) and still waiting to hear back from Michigan State and Northwestern. Still laughing about being rejected by OSU – seriously… that is funny.

See you all when I get back :) Take care.