Lightning Above White Salmon, Washington

I should have paid attention to the weather report. A “severe thunderstorm” warning was issued by NOAA and I missed half of it before I saw the first bolt of lightning. The show progressed well into the evening so I was able to capture some good shots in spite of my late start!

Facing East along the Columbia River Gorge

Electrical Storm in the Gorge

I wasn’t watching the weather report, so I was caught by surprise this evening when an electrical storm blew through the gorge. Strangely, it was moving from east to west, which is uncommon with the almost constant west wind. Siena was incredibly excited by the frequent bolts of lightning and kept asking if she could watch the storm instead of going to bed. I let her stay up and watch me attempt to photograph the lightning strikes.

Siena’s comments during the “lights and funder storm”:

This is so exciting!
That. Was. Awesome!!
Was that the camera or the lighting?
Ooh that was a great one!
(and, to her Daddy, with camera on tripod) Didja get that hon?

Siena and Portland Snow

LRH’s parents shot some adorable pictures of Siena and the recent snowstorm that hit Portland and the gorge. The pictures can be viewed in a Kodak gallery here.

It’s Snowing on Mercer Island!

and in seattle too!

Crazy Weather

Not much time for an update since I’m going up to Seattle in a few days but I wanted to post some pictures of the crazy weather we’ve been having in Petaluma.

It snowed! Went up on the roof and took a few shots. Apparently there was 4 inches of snow in some places – enough for a snowboarder to give it a try and get an article written about his experiment in the local paper.

I didn’t get any shots of the hail storm we just had though. Now I’m wondering what I’ll miss when I’m gone for a week!