We’re Expecting a Son

4D ultrasound


My wife will be starting her third trimester in a few weeks, carrying our second child. This one is a boy and we plan to name him Gabriel Connor! We learned his gender at her last ultrasound, around 22 weeks gestation. She had a follow-up ultrasound about a week later and the technician was able to capture a 4D image this time. Apparently the baby has to cooperate for the image to be usable.

I also learned that today marks the 40th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade. This revelation was chilling as I find the entire concept of abortion distasteful. In fact, 784,507 abortions were reported in 2009 according to the CDC’s latest statistics. I see my son’s face in this picture and I know that he is alive, a human being entitled to the same civil rights as as any other person. He can think, feel, and even hear my voice. In this nation, it would also be perfectly legal to abort him. There are four abortion procedures that may be used to terminate his life, and each one of these would cause him tremendous pain.

Roe v. Wade was decided before the advent of high-resolution, 4D ultrasound technology. I can only wonder if the decision would have been different had the justices seen the faces of the unborn children whose very right to exist was being questioned.

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  1. Patrick,

    I enjoyed your post, and think that you make an outstanding point about the high resolution 4D photo’s that are now available, and how, had this been available at the time of the Roe v. Wade decision, how potentially different that decision could have ultimatelly been.

    One of my favorite Patriotic songs to sing is “God Bless America”. One of the reasons I love watching the NY Yankees play is because they sing that song at Yankee Stadium during every home game. However, as of late, as I hear it sung (and sing it myself), I can’t help but think ‘How can God continue to bless America when we as a nation do the things that we do…’. Abortion is at the top of this list.

    As you know, I have 3 daughters of my own, and from the time I learned that my wife was pregnant with each child, I felt as though that child was exactly what it was, a real, living being that I already, as their father, had stewardship over. That child was mine. I didn’t have to wait for the day of it’s birth to know this, I felt that I was my daughters parent the minute my wife informed me she was pregnant.

    I cannot understand how others do not feel the same, and will never understand how one could choose to end the life of a child through abortion. It’s as primatively barbaric as many recent acts of violence that we’ve seen play out in our country. I am glad that we have laws in this country that protect children. However, those laws fall far short in that they don’t protect the life of that child until it is born.

    It’s clear that the family unit in America is under assault in many ways, but the legalization of abortion tops that undeniable barrage aimed at destroying the family. And I fear it’s only getting worse. The opposition is eroding the concept of family at an alarming rate, and doing it under the guise of “protecting womens choice”. Additionaly, I believe that you can make a very strong case that even federal tax payers dollars are going to fund the country’s largest offender of abortions-Planned Parenthood (which, by US law is illegal to do).

    It’s heartbreaking. How one could commit the most heinous and selfish act by ending the life of an innocent Child of God. I truley believe that each child, prior to birth, patiently awaits the day that they can be given the gift of a physical body to join with their Spirit. They will then be given the chance to live their life, make choices, hopefully do good & prepare to once again meet their God. America will never rise from the pit we’ve dug ourselves into until we once again become a moral nation, with moral and just laws and denounce acts such as this. I sincerely hope that one day we can get there, but fear, that we, as a nation may not get there again. I hope I am wrong.

    Thanks for your post and for giving me the chance to write a few thoughts, I’ll end with a quote from a hero of mine that I think is perfectly applicable, Ezra Benson…
    “Great nations do not fall because of external aggression; they first erode and decay inwardly. . . . The strength of a country is the sum total of the moral strength of the individuals in that country.”

    Congrats on the upcoming birth of your son,


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